Golf In Portugal

When planning a golf trip to the Algarve region of Portugal, the process can get a little overwhelming at first.

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Popular golf resorts

With so many amazing golf courses to choose from, along with beautiful hotels and great restaurants, it can feel impossible to pick out just a few to visit while you are in the area.

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Picking a hotel

Because of this, picking a customized golf tour that is tailored to your specific needs and desires is a great way to go when visiting Algarve.

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Everything You Need To Know About Side-Hill Bunker Shots

There is so much that you need to learn about the side-hill bunker shots. There are a lot of players who fear playing these shots, or any other bunker shot for that matter, because of the challenge that is poses to them. In fact, there are so many players out there who will feel so downtrodden when they play the ball and it ends up in the bunker. This is one of the most distraught moments on the course for a player that has not yet mastered the skill, especially of paying the side-hill bunker shots.

There are some points that you will need to consider when you are learning one or two things about these shots. If you practice well enough, there is nothing that will stop you from becoming even better at this in the long run. Pay attention to the following tips and you will not have to struggle with side-hill bunker shots again:

  • Open the club face
  • Ball position and your stance
  • Trajectory
  • The splash shot

Open the club face

You need to make sure that you keep the club face open all through the impact. To do this, make sure that before you take your grip, you open the club face. If you do not do this, you will simply have the club face returning to the square position and dig deeper into the sand instead.

Ball position and your stance

When playing the bunker shots, you need to open your stance. Perhaps the only difference that you have to worry about is how much of this opening you need to do. If you aim your feet to the left side of the target, you will also need to adjust for this change by adjusting your set up position appropriately.


When you are playing this shot, you have to understand the nature of the bunker. Quite a number of the ones on parkland courses are usually shallow, while the ones on the links courses are deeper. The trajectory that will apply to your shot will depend on the lie of the ball in the bunker.

The splash shot

Before you play, try and shuffle your feet around in the stance so that you have some good balance. Take aim to the left of the target line. How much you aim will depend on the trajectory of the ball that you require.