Golf In Portugal

When planning a golf trip to the Algarve region of Portugal, the process can get a little overwhelming at first.

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Popular golf resorts

With so many amazing golf courses to choose from, along with beautiful hotels and great restaurants, it can feel impossible to pick out just a few to visit while you are in the area.

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Picking a hotel

Because of this, picking a customized golf tour that is tailored to your specific needs and desires is a great way to go when visiting Algarve.

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Golf Instruction For Beginners: 7 Myths About Driving

When you first start golfing, you would probably love the idea of hitting driver all day every day, right? That’s certainly normal and that’s because striking the driver is such a wonderful feeling! The sound it makes and the distance it creates are simply spectacular. However there are some misconceptions that you need to understand and clarify; there are just too many myths about driving nowadays!

  • Long is not always good
  • If you think hitting the ball as far as you can is a good thing, think again. Hitting the ball too long would cause more inconsistencies to the ball flight and potentially more backspin as well.

  • Accuracy is the most important
  • Whilst accuracy is important, it cannot survive alone. You are going to need some distance to compliment with accuracy. That’s why you should be working on both aspects if you want to get better at golf.

  • Big head drivers are the best
  • No, that’s not the case. There are more and more manufacturers in the world making smaller head drivers and that’s because it helps with accuracy. Having a massive head helps with distance but then you are forfeiting accuracy. You must choose carefully.

  • Less loft angle equates to more distance
  • Again this is just another misconception created by people who know little about golf. In fact, the trend nowadays is to get drivers with more loft angle instead. That’s because it helps with the launch angle and it allows the player to drive the ball longer with less backspin.

  • Longer shaft means longer distance
  • Wrong, wrong, wrong! Longer shaft means more distance in theory only! In reality, it would make striking the ball so much harder and you will be missing the ball constantly. That means you are actually losing distance! It’s certainly not something that you would want to do.

  • Strength is more important than flexibility
  • Another misconception here! In golf, especially driving, flexibility is so much more important! Just think that you have only roughly 0.3 seconds from the top of the backswing to impact. You can’t possibly utilise all the strength in this time frame. You are going to need a lot flexibility to hit the ball long!

  • You need to be tall to hit it long
  • That’s another misconception! Just take a look at one of the best golfer today, Rory McIlroy. He is just 5 foot 9 inches (weighs 160 pounds) and he hits the ball absolutely miles! It’s not about height and weight nowadays, so don’t be deluded. Everyone can hit the ball long if they know how to transfer the energy.