Golf In Portugal

When planning a golf trip to the Algarve region of Portugal, the process can get a little overwhelming at first.

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Popular golf resorts

With so many amazing golf courses to choose from, along with beautiful hotels and great restaurants, it can feel impossible to pick out just a few to visit while you are in the area.

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Picking a hotel

Because of this, picking a customized golf tour that is tailored to your specific needs and desires is a great way to go when visiting Algarve.

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How to Master Your Golf Skills in Five Steps

Golf is a game that requires a wide variety of skills if you are going to get your ball around the course in as few shots as possible. For those who have been playing the game for a long time, those skills might come naturally, but they are much more difficult for a beginner to manage. As you move along with your golf game and try to lower your scores one step at a time, it is important you keep track of what skills you are comfortable with, and which need work.

Below are five steps toward mastering your golf skills. If you can work your way through these steps, you should find your game is much better in the end than it was at the beginning.

  1. Short putting. Making your short putts in an important skill to have, so put that at the top of your to-do list. Spend time on the practice putting green holing putts from three to five feet. Try making as many in a row as you can, and keep track of what your personal record is. As time goes by, you should be able to improve on that record, and increase your confidence at the same time.
  2. Chipping. When you are comfortable with your short putting, move off the green and work on the chip shot. This is another very important shot to have, and it will only get better if you put in the practice time.
  3. Short irons from the fairway. If you want to have chances for birdies throughout the round, and be able to make easier pars, you need to hit quality short iron shots from the fairway. These shots can be practiced on the driving range, as long as you have the discipline to put down your driver for a while and focus on these shorter clubs.
  4. Long irons off the tee. Sometimes, a driver is not the right club for a tee shot – especially on a shorter par four. When that is the case, you want to be able to hit a good long iron shot into the fairway for proper positioning.
  5. Driver. Finally, with those other skills under control, get to work on improving your driver. While it is a distance club, long distance does no good without being in the fairway, so make sure your focus is on being able to control your driver with consistency.